About us

Kalymnos is the stories of our grandmother, the duggers, the wild seas, the sponges, the mythical divers of Captain Drosos, who at the end were always safe and innocuous.

Kalymnos is the ultimate beauty, the tradition in all its splendor with natural wealth being perfectly integrated into a place well preserved by the human hand, with its aristocratic houses and its dignified inhabitants.

Pothia, the port of the island and the capital of Kalymnos, built in the early 1850s, was also the first capital of Kalymnos. Extremely picturesque, built amphitheatrically, densely built, with the houses built side by side and all facing the sea.

In Pothia, next to the old imposing building of the Italian Estate, for nine years, there is our tavern, overlooking the sea and the fishing boats that rest in the rugged waters of the harbor.

Every year, friends from all over the world who have come to know us from time to time come with joy and nostalgia to greet us, to rest lazily on the chairs around our tables and to enjoy, with merciful mood, our freshly appetizers, “married” with ouzo and local wine. Stuffed and cooked on the charcoal excellent octopus, iodine and sea urchin mushrooms, pines, oysters and bubbles, delicious seafood and fresh fish directly from our hook and nets.

Our caique plows daily the Kalymnian, generous sea and returns with rich fish which goes directly to the cauldrons and barbecues of our kitchen to return, cooked with taste and artistry, to your dishes and to give you wonderful flavors and memories !

We also serve meat for meat lovers from local farms.